Integrated Management System (IMS) POLICY

Our Vision:

Sustaining it’s deserved position for being a preferred/favorite company by its personnel and customers on domestic and international markets via emphasizingng its internal dynamics such distinction, expertness, reliability and quality.  

Our Mission:

Referring our technology and considerable experience, our goal is to provide quality products and perfect service to our customers beyond their expectations.



Satisfied and loyal customers, trained and refreshing human resources, Validated proven designs, Applying developing technologies, Improving subcontractors, Protecting our environment


- To raise our company to a level that can compete internationally by following the latest technology in the radiator sector.

- To meet customer expectations at the highest level by producing timely and low cost products without compromise on quality.

- To plan, implement, control the internal processes and to continuously improve their performance by setting KPI's.

- To provide trainings to increase the technical and behavioral competencies of the employees.

- To use the resources of the materials, machinery and equipment in the most efficient way.

- To ensure continuous satisfaction and unity of suppliers, employees and customers in order to meet the applicable conditions with Total Quality Management.



Panoto aims to provide sustainable and innovative development in all fields related to the environment by determining its environmental dimensions with the approach of " sustainable development can only be possible with a sustainable environment". In this regard, Panoto declares the following commitments:

- To ensure that our company operates in accordance with its environmental policy by taking into account the environmental impacts of our products and services within the framework of our vision and mission.

- To provide trainings to increase the environmental awareness of employees.

- To make continuous improvements to increase our environmental performance by analyzing our resource consumption and by developing efficiency-oriented projects to control and reduce this consumption with the relevant monitoring and measurement systems while performing out our activities.

- To determine the environmental dimensions and impacts which have resulted from our activities.

- To recycle wastes as much as possible and to ensure that these wastes are disposed without harming the environment.

- To protect the environment by making continuous improvements to prevent and control environmental pollution.

- To minimize environmental risks by identifying our environmental risks and opportunities.

- To comply with the legal regulations and obligations of compliance related to the environment in the fields of our activity.



Panoto's primary goal is to minimize any losses that may occur and continuously improve its health and safety system by providing a safer and healthier working environment in all of our activities with the approach of " the most valuable asset is human being". In this regard, Panoto declares the following commitments:

- To comply with the legal regulations and obligations of compliance related to occupational health and safety hazards in the fields of our activity.

- To monitor and improve the performance of the occupational health and safety system through review meetings of the management and to set new targets in this context.

- To make continuous improvements in our occupational health and safety system.

- To ensure the participation of employees in the periodic meetings held by the board of the occupational health and safety by taking their suggestions and requests through the employee representative.

- To provide trainings to increase the occupational health and safety awareness of employees. By presenting a proactive approach in the context of occupational health and safety;

- To identify risks and opportunities in advance and reduce our risks, to eliminate hazards before they occur, to ensure a safe and healthy working environment by doing preventive actions to prevent physical injury and impairment of health by presenting a proactive approach in the context of occupational health and safety.


Integrated Management System (IMS) CERTIFICATES

Panoto has adopted the Policy of ‘’Quality is above everything’’ in both domestic and foreign markets for a long time ago and in this direction Panoto received ISO 9001 Quality Certificate at 1988 as a quality assurance system. In 2020, our conditions of compliance with ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 were aproved by TUV NORD and the Integrated Management System was adopted. Panoto, protects all statistical data about data sources, data enhancements, production, process quality control, final quality control and all shipment data. Panoto, manage this data to diagnose and solve any problem in the system within the shortest time. The quality certificates we have are listed as below.

- ISO 9001 : 2015 TÜRKAK

- ISO 9001 : 2015 DAKKS

- ISO 14001 : 2015 TÜRKAK

- ISO 14001 : 2015 DAKKS

- ISO 45001 : 2015 DAKKS