Our History









Panoto, which started copper-brass radiator production in 1975, accordingly became one of the foremost group on his sector after incorporate Erka brand. Initially served it’s cooling equipment to passenger cars, tractors, trucks, buses and construction machines. Afterwards stepped into Generator Sets Cooling solutions and moreover than 15 years it became of the leading company who supplies wide ranges of optimum cooling solutions to Global Genset Manufacturers.  

On recent restructuring administrative staff, research and development departments, engineering and design experts as a part of specialization, Panoto Radiator is a boutique technology factory provides custom design products and engineering services for Generator Set Manufacturers.

The company which has a highly specialized workforce more or less 200 people, operates from it's 15.000 m2 factory which is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. This strategic location offers numerous logistical advantages to our clients.

Consolidating other business areas on different sectors, Panoto Radiator / Erka Radiator / Kaya Petroleum / Kale Insaat and Erkale Radiator comprise a huge group of companies.