We have manufactured below genset radiators accordance to our customer requirements for MTU engines. In addition to this, our tailor-made capability provide to design radiators suitable to all kind of MTU Engines.

If you have any further questions that you cannot find the answer to here, please do not hesitate to contact with our sales team.


  • 8V1600 G10F Radiator

  • 8V396T C33 Radiator

  • 10V1600 G10F Radiator

  • 12V183 TBL Radiator

  • 12V2000 G25 Radiator

  • 16V2000 G25 Radiator

  • 16V2000 G45 Radiator

  • 16V2000 G60 Radiator

  • 16V2000 G63 Radiator

  • 16V2000 G65 Radiator

  • 16V2000 P62 Radiator

  • 18V2000 G63 Radiator

  • 18V2000 G65 Radiator

  • 18V2000 G85 Radiator

  • 12V4000 G21 Radiator

  • 12V4000 G21R Radiator

  • 12V4000 G23 Radiator

  • 12V4000 G23R Radiator

  • 12V4000 G43 Radiator

  • 12V4000 G61 Radiator

  • 12V4000 G63 Radiator

  • 12V4000 P83 Radiator

  • 16V4000 G21 Radiator

  • 16V4000 G23 Radiator

  • 16V4000 G43 Radiator

  • 16V4000 G61 Radiator

  • 16V4000 G63 Radiator