Our highly experienced and skilled design and development team create products suitable for very severe and tropical conditions by maintaining close contact with our clients and through the use of modern design programs such as CAD – CAM – CAE. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, high performance fan and drive systems are mounted onto the products after they have undergone thermal and mechanical sizing. Multi CNC production and prototype testing facilities provide accurate test results which are proved under ambient conditions


Thermal Design



Our design engineers achieve the Thermal calculations by using advanced thermal design software to design the optimum cooling solution with maximum efficiency. All restrictions and requirements of our customers taken into consideration and alternatives are also advised by our experienced Technical Department.

Performance Data Sheet



Customized optimum radiator design presents to the customers with our radiator performance data sheet. Our performance data sheet contains; Coolant Data, Cooling Air Data, Electrical Motor Data (If required) and Cooler Dimensions Data. Presented values checked and controlled by our customers or any point subject to change will be re-studied by our engineers.

2D Drawing



After mutual agreement on Thermal datas which are presented on our radiator performance data sheet ; our Technical Department prepares the 2D Cad drawings for our customers final approval.

3D Drawing



Incase of inquiry , we are also capable to prepare 3D Drawings for our Cooling Solutions.