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Case Studies: Rental Design





Who: Leading Generator Manufacturer in Middle East

What:Cummins KTA50G3 High Performance Rental Design Radiator

Where: Middle East and Africa

When: 2013

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One of our valuable customer in Middle East, required a high performance design of radiator for Cummins KTA50G3 Diesel Engine. The target was to offer a 1250 kva Generator Set in a 20” ISO container which will perform at High ambient conditions like 50 deg C in Middle East.  

Our Design Team studied the subject and decide that standart Fan on Engine , Mechanical Fan or Vertical Remote Radiators will not be able to meet the required cooling performance. So they advised to use our Rental Design Radiators.

At Panoto’s Rental Design radiator , radiator core is located to the front face of the container and radiator fans are located on top of the container to suck the air through the radiator core and dissipate the warm air on top of container. By this way ambient temperature will be equal to Air On Temperature and radiator can perform well up to 53 deg C Air On temperature at Prime Power.

This design also protects the Diesel Engine from environmental effects as the radiator room and engine room are divided. / March 2015